Bicycle rack

Modern style bike rack- durable and functional

05.028 <b>bicycle rack</b> is a modern and elegant model of the <b>ZANO Street Furniture</b> <b>bike stands</b>. Thanks to the special <b>design</b> and stable mounts this bicycle rack is most secure against theft and vandalism. This project works perfectly installed in numbers as well as just a solitary stand. ZANO Street Furniture <b>bike stand</b> was made of <b> cast iron</b>. It provides a great protection for every <b>bike</b>. Thanks to 05.028 <b>ZANO bicycle rack</b> bicycles are no longer blocking precious car parking spaces . They also don't need to be locked to the lampposts. This bicycle rack brings a bright and <b>modern</b> solution for every urban surroundings. It makes the public places safe and functional.