Orbis bicycle rack

Orbis bike rack with nice shape

Nowadays <b>bicycle racks</b> are very important elements of the streetscape. They have to be aesthetic and functional projects for those who travel by bike. Bicyclists need also reasonable protection against theft. <b>ZANO Street Furniture</b> Orbis <b>bicycle rack</b> is a great answer for this requiring. Presented model is made of <b>stainless steel</b> pipe. Stainless steel is a low maintenance, resistant to vandalism, strong and durable material. Orbis works perfectly installed in numbers as well as just a solitary stand. The standard role of this <b>stainless steel bike stand</b> is to provide a safe place for cyclists to lock their bicycles to prevent theft.The simplicity and modernity of Orbis bicycle rack enables it to blend in with outdoor urban settings and architectural backdrops.