Bicycle Rack

bicycle racks in Retro style

Bicycle parking needs to be visible, accessible, easy to use, convenient, and plentiful. All of those demands achieve our durable 05.251 bicycle rack. It is absolutely amazing and multifunctional project. First of all it is very aesthetic retro style. It will be perfect for every historical surroundings. The second advantage of 05.451 bicycle rack is its functionality. It supports the whole bike (not just one wheel) and enable the user to lock the frame and wheels of the bike. What is more, it has a space for even 12 bicycles. 05.451 bicycle rack is made of black steel- durable, low maintenance and solid material. Thanks to it presented rack will be surely a long-life product. Bicycle rack designed by ZANO Street Furniture is clearly visible and accessible and it doesn't interfere with pedestrians or other street furniture.