Litter Bin Altus

Litter bin with galvanized steel liner

03.052 ZANO street furniture litter bin is a fantastic investment for your school playground, community center, park playground or other city area. It is attractive, stainless steel and black powder coated litter bin with tinplate insert. It is also easy to maintain. That is the reason why 03.052 litter bins are ideal in street locations - from suburban shopping strips to small business, factories, hotels, motels or alleys. Presented model is made of steinless steel- which is the ultimate material from which to manufacture all steel seats . It is immensely strong, corrosion resistant and has a stunning appearance. This <b>stainless steel litter bin</b> is available in all RAL palette standard colours. It can be used as a free-standing model or it can be concreted to the ground.