Altus recycling bins

Stainless steel recycling bin- durable project

<b>Recycling bins</b> should be absolutely essential pieces of <b>street furniture</b> in all of today’s landscapes. <b>Recycling</b> is one of the most rapidly and successfully evolving procedures of environmental conservation. That is the reason why <b>ZANO</b> company designed functional and aesthetic <b>recycling bin</b>- Altus. Presented model is an uniquely styled recycling bin which can be combined with other <b>ZANO Street Furniture</b> to create a contemporary aesthetic within every landscape. Altus is manufactured from high quality wood which is set around <b>stainless steel</b> frame. It has a special colourful communication, which facilitate uncomplicated recycling. Altus <b>litter bin</b> is perfect for busy, modern locations like town centres and new developments.