Argo recycling bin

Argo recycling container made of steel and wood

Argo <b>recycling bin</b> is a colourfull, <b>modern</b> and original model. It is made od timber and stainless steel construction. <b>Stainless steel</b> is a durable, hygienic, immensely strong, corrosion resistant and has a stunning appearance. What is more, it is also very safe material with low maintenance cost. That is the reason <b>ZANO company</b> truly believe that stainless steel is the sustainable solution for <b>street furniture</b>, especially for recycling bins. Stainless steel Argo <b>commercial recycling bins</b> are not only stylish and strong but also low maintenance and 100% recyclable. Perfect for busy, modern locations like town centres and new developments. They have a special colourful communication, which facilitate uncomplicated recycling.